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Hello! Welcome to my exciting adventure in France!
I’m Diego, a passionate traveler who loves to discover
those special corners that have a unique charm.

My exciting adventure in France

I have always been a passionate traveler who loves to discover those special corners that have a unique charm.
I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, but then I moved to Barcelona, where I lived for almost twenty years and where I also started my family.
However, after some time we decided to take a big step and start a new life in the south of France, in the region of l’Occitanie, the one where my wife was born and with which I have also fallen madly in love.

I have always shared my exciting travel experiences and encouraged others to enjoy them as well. Now, I can’t wait to introduce you to the wonderful treasures this amazing country has to offer.
I invite you to join me on this journey.

The birth of Diego in France

On a journey through my passions, Diego’s fascinating story in France emerges.

From the nostalgic afternoons of my childhood in Buenos Aires in the vibrant 80s, when together with my friends we enjoyed the charm of the neighborhood cinema, which at that time was one of my most important centers of interest, to the awakening of my passion to explore new horizons through exciting walks of today. Hiking, the oldest sport practiced by Homo Sapiens, became my inseparable companion in the search for adventures and discoveries.
At each step of this narrative, I unveil the threads that wove Diego’s story in France, transporting them to a universe full of emotions and revelations.

The awakening of passions

A few years after the continuous movie afternoons, photography became my new passion.
Eager to learn more about this art form, I enrolled in the
school, located in the picturesque neighborhood of Palermo, Buenos Aires. And it was in that place where a world full of possibilities unfolded before my eyes that took me to themagical dark room, to reveal rolls of film.

Although technological advancement has ushered in the digital age and changed the way we capture images, the pleasure of immortalizing special moments is still intact in me. Photography has become a form of expression and stopping time, capturing fleeting moments that will last forever.

But my love for the image doesn’t stop there. With the birth of my daughter, Anaïs, a new passion was born within me: video making. The joy of capturing the most precious moments of his growth and being able to relive them again and again in motion has added an extra dimension to my love of the image.

It was at the end of the 90s that I took my first steps on the internet, when almost nobody knew what that was I discovered a new world of possibilities of global reach.

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The encounter with French beauty

Some time later, a new chapter opened in my life when I crossed the Atlantic in search of new adventures in Europe.

It is here that I met my love and my wife, with whom I learned to appreciate the elegance and refinement of French taste. My hunger to discover charming villages found its perfect place in France, where these treasures are found at every turn.

I found love in France, a land rich in history, culture and beauty, where simplicity and sophistication are uniquely intertwined. It then awakened in me the uncontrollable desire to discover the charming villages that dot the French geography. 

There is no feeling more rewarding than breathing that air steeped in history and culture. I have discovered that I want to always keep alive the ability to surprise myself when I meet a new place. I enjoy imagining the lives that take place in these centuries-old villages and I love to breathe that particular atmosphere that emanates from the humidity of those stone streets where all kinds of characters traveled for centuries.

My love of reading, especially captivating historical novels, deep historical studies, and inspiring biographies, has been the fuel that has fueled my imagination over the years. Reading is my window to the past, a powerful tool that broadens my horizons and enriches my being.

The birth of a project

That’s how Diego was born in France. The marriage of my passions and the desire to share with the world the wonders of the region in which we live come to life in this project.

Its mission is to inspire other travelers by providing help and guidance to those who decide to explore these lands. The objective is to offer detailed information on activities to enjoy as a family, through the dissemination of high quality content.

Through detailed stories, useful tips and interesting facts, I will guide you on a journey through the charming little villages, family adventures and hidden treasures found in every corner, initially in the south of France, in the region of l’Occitanie, aspiring then to expand the scope of my content to other geographies further away. Always focused on the magic of the small super cute villages as they are around here and that keep stories to tell.

So get ready to immerse yourself in an experience full of emotions, discoveries and unforgettable moments. 

I invite you to join me on this exciting journey through Diego en France, where the charm of history and the beauty of culture intertwine to create a unique experience. 

Welcome aboard!

Landscapes and Sustainability: How I Explore French Villages

In these picturesque villages of France, I usually travel in a Hyundai Kona electric car, committed to reducing emissions and caring for the environment.

This vehicle not only allows me to explore every corner with ecological responsibility, but also ensures a more pleasant and quiet travel experience.

Traveling through the French countryside in near silence is a unique experience that I highly recommend!

On some occasions, I choose the train as an alternative, taking advantage of its efficiency and the opportunity to enjoy the scenery without worries.

Como exploro los pueblos franceses

Dare to venture off the beaten track

I propose you to discover those secret corners that can only be revealed when someone local guides you. As a passionate resident of this place, I am excited to show you the hidden treasures and special places that only a few know about. Immerse yourself in the authentic essence of this destination, exploring places that only the locals know how to appreciate. Together, we’ll unravel the best-kept secrets and experience the true magic that is only revealed when you immerse yourself in the authenticity of a place.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience that can only be discovered through the eyes of someone who lives here!


Collaborate with me

My main goal is to provide up-to-date and relevant information to support and inspire travelers who wish to explore the wonders of France. My main focus is to provide interesting content, offering detailed guides and useful tips to make the most of your travel experience in the country.

Although I initially focus on the region of Occitania and Provence, which is the region where I live, I aspire to expand the coverage and provide valuable information on other fascinating geographies and destinations in the hexagon.