Que faire à Collioure

Things to do in Collioure: 10 Must-Do Family Activities

Discover the key elements of an unforgettable getaway, focusing on what to do in Collioure to make the most of your visit. Delve into the multitude of essential activities and attractions that define this charming destination nestled on the Mediterranean coast. Dive into a comprehensive exploration of the top things to do in Collioure that are sure to enhance your experience and leave a lasting impression.

Collioure, a picturesque seaside town in the south of France, stands out for its unique charm that fuses the natural beauty of the Mediterranean with a rich historical and cultural heritage. Nestled in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, near the Spanish border, this destination attracts visitors with its crystal-clear beaches, cobblestone streets and colorful facades that look like something out of a painting.

Que hacer en Collioure

Famous for having been a source of inspiration for Fauvist artists such as Henri Matisse and André Derain, Collioure remains a haven for creatives, which is reflected in the numerous art galleries and studios scattered throughout the town. Its iconic Château Royal, dating from the 13th century, and the church of Notre Dame des Anges with its distinctive bell tower, are living testimonies to the rich history that surrounds Collioure. These sites also form part of the essential things to do in Collioure, offering cultural depth to your visit.

Beyond its artistic and architectural heritage, Collioure seduces with its vibrant cultural life, with festivals and markets celebrating the best of local gastronomy and wine, especially renowned for its anchovies and wines with Protected Designation of Origin. Partaking in these festive occasions is among the top things to do in Collioure for a taste of its local traditions and flavors.

Between paths winding through vineyards overlooking the sea and hidden coves, Collioure offers a myriad of activities to enjoy, from wine tastings and nature walks to relaxing beach days and historical explorations. This charming village, with its relaxed atmosphere and breathtaking surroundings, is a true Mediterranean treasure that invites discovery, making the list of things to do in Collioure as diverse and enchanting as the village itself.

ℹ️ Population in 2020 : 2429 inhabitants. Source INSEE

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10 not-to-be-missed family activities. My Selection

Collioure is a destination that captivates its visitors with a diverse array of things to do in Collioure, each promising to become the highlight of your trip. Located in the Occitania region, this jewel of the French coast offers much more than its famous crystal-clear waters and picturesque views. It is a place where history, art, and gastronomy meet to provide an unforgettable travel experience.

In this section dedicated to things to do in Collioure, you will find a carefully selected list highlighting the best this charming little town has to offer. From exploring ancient fortresses that stand majestically over the sea to relaxing on its enchanting beaches, or tasting the unique flavors of the local cuisine, each activity is designed to immerse you deeply in the unique charm of this city. Get ready to explore, experience and fall in love with Collioure through these essential experiences.

Stroll through Collioure: A labyrinth of colors and charms

The first activity you can’t miss in Collioure is simply to stroll and let yourself be carried away by the charming streets of the town. This picturesque destination, nestled on the Mediterranean coast, invites you to get lost among its colorful corners, full of life and beauty.

As you walk, you will come across characteristic little shops, perfect for buying a unique souvenir or tasting local products. To discover Collioure on foot is to immerse yourself in a world where every alley and square reveals a different history, aroma and color. This is undoubtedly the ideal starting point to fall in love with this corner of the Mediterranean, where history and modernity intertwine harmoniously.

Sun, Sand and Sea: Discovering the beaches of Collioure

Que hacer en Collioure

Enjoying the beaches of Collioure is to immerse yourself in a unique experience, where the intense blue of the Mediterranean meets the warmth of the golden sand, creating the perfect setting to relax and unwind. This activity stands out among the top choices of what to do in Collioure, offering an unparalleled blend of natural beauty and cozy atmosphere, making them a must-see destination for any visitor.

From the quiet Port d’Avall Beach, characterized by its crystal-clear waters and serene surroundings, to the lively Plage Boramar, where the bustle of people and the swaying of the waves create a perfect melody, Collioure promises a beach experience for all tastes. Here, you can simply lie in the sun, immerse yourself in a book, or take a refreshing dip in the sea.

Que hacer en Collioure

In addition, the beaches of Collioure are the ideal starting point for water activities, such as paddle surfing, sea kayaking, or even snorkeling, allowing adventurers to explore the rich marine biodiversity of the area. In the evening, there is nothing like enjoying a sunset on these beaches, where the sky is tinged with shades of pink and gold, offering an unforgettable natural spectacle.

In short, enjoying the beaches of Collioure is not just about sunbathing and swimming in the sea; it is an opportunity to connect with nature, experience the local culture and create memories that will last a lifetime.

From the sea to the table: Discover the famous anchovies of Collioure

Anxois  Collioure

If you are wondering about the things to do in Collioure, let me tell you that this is a destination that enchants not only for its landscapes and beaches but also for its rich culinary tradition, being especially famous for its production of anchovies, a delicious food that has been part of its history and culture for centuries. This small fishing village has earned an enviable reputation for the quality of its anchovies, prepared and preserved in an artisanal way, following traditional methods that have been handed down from generation to generation.

One of the unmissable activities when visiting Collioure is undoubtedly the visit and tasting of anchovies in the Roque and Desclaux houses, two of the most emblematic and recognized canneries of the region. These tours offer a deep dive into the world of anchovies, allowing you to discover the meticulous salting, curing and packaging process that distinguishes these local delicacies.

Que hacer en Collioure

La Maison Roque, with its long tradition and passion for excellence, opens its doors to visitors curious to learn about the art behind the preparation of anchovies, while Desclaux, an institution in Collioure, offers an educational and delicious experience, where you can learn about the history of anchovies in the village and taste different preparations that highlight the unique flavor of this fish.

In addition to being a cultural and gastronomic experience, a visit to these canneries is an opportunity to appreciate the craftsmanship and dedication it takes to produce the best anchovies in the world. At the end of the visit, there is no doubt that you will take away not only a great souvenir, but also a renewed appreciation for this product that is synonymous with Collioure.

Anxois  Collioure

In conclusion, the visit and tasting of anchovies at the Roque and Desclaux houses is not just an activity; it is a celebration of the tradition, taste and history of Collioure. It is an authentic experience that allows visitors to connect with the culinary heart of this charming village, making this stop a real gem in your itinerary.

Secrets of a Castle: Cultural Adventure at the Château Royal de Collioure

The Château Royal de Collioure, a majestic fortress overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, is a must-see for any visitor to this picturesque French town. Built in the early Middle Ages to protect the town of Collioure and its natural harbor, this castle has not only witnessed the history of its feudal lords and Catalan kings but also the intense Franco-Spanish border struggles and the dark episodes of the 20th century, including its use as a prison.

Que hacer en Collioure

Classified as a Historic Monument in 1922 and owned by the Department of Pyrénées-Orientales since 1952, the Château Royal de Collioure represents an invaluable historical and cultural legacy. Thanks to the Department’s preservation efforts, the château is not only maintained in excellent condition, but has also become a vibrant center of cultural activities. Throughout the year, the castle hosts guided tours, concerts and cultural events, offering visitors a rich and educational experience.

For those interested in exploring this historic monument, helpful documents for the visit are available both in paper format and in a free downloadable version via QR Code. In addition, the Château Royal de Collioure’s team of guides provides guided tours, allowing visitors to dive deep into the history and stories behind this impressive château.

Visiting the Château Royal de Collioure is not only a journey through time; it is an opportunity to experience the architectural beauty and historical significance of one of the most emblematic monuments of the region. Definitely an activity not to be missed when visiting Collioure.

ℹ️ Hours from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Entrance fee 7 €. Children free of charge

Discover the Collioure Market: Flavors and Colors

Que hacer en Collioure

A visit to the Collioure market is a vibrant and colorful experience that captures the essence of Mediterranean life. Located in the heart of this charming seaside village, the market becomes the perfect setting to discover local flavors, aromas and traditions. Open on specific days of the week, this market attracts residents and tourists alike, offering a wide variety of fresh and artisanal products.

Strolling through the stalls, visitors can find everything from seasonal fruits and vegetables, products brought directly from nearby farms, to local delicacies such as cheeses, olive oils, regional wines and, of course, the famous Collioure anchovies. In addition, the market is an excellent place to purchase local handicrafts such as pottery, textiles and jewelry, making it the ideal spot to find that unique souvenir of your visit.

The atmosphere at the Collioure market is lively and welcoming, with vendors happily sharing stories about their products and tips on how to enjoy them to the fullest. It is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local way of life, practice your French and participate in the cultural exchange that takes place among the lively aisles of the market.

Visiting the Collioure market also offers the possibility of enjoying small tastings, from traditional sweets to tapas that reflect the gastronomic richness of the region. It is a complete sensory experience, where the palate delights in authentic flavors and the sense of smell is intoxicated by the perfumes of fresh herbs and spices.

In short, a visit to the Collioure market is more than just a shopping trip; it is an immersion into the cultural and culinary heart of this picturesque town, an encounter with authenticity and tradition that endures through time. It is, without a doubt, a must-do activity for those seeking to experience the true essence of Collioure.

ℹ️ Market Day: Wednesday mornings at the entrance of the village.

Go on a Wild Adventure in the Sigean African Reserve

The Sigean African Reserve, located near Gruissan, is an unforgettable experience that transports visitors to the heart of African wildlife, without leaving the Mediterranean. This unique zoological park extends over 300 hectares and houses more than 3,800 animals, offering an exceptional opportunity to observe and learn about a wide variety of species in an environment that mimics their natural habitats.

An Adventure in Nature

When entering the Sigean African Game Reserve, visitors have the opportunity to go on an exciting safari. Animals such as lions, giraffes, rhinos, and elephants, as well as a variety of birds and reptiles, can be seen moving freely across vast expanses reminiscent of the African plains.

Respectful Interaction with Fauna

The reserve is committed to animal welfare and environmental education. During the tour, expert guides provide valuable information about the species, their habitats, and conservation efforts, making this experience not only a walk, but also a lesson in respect and love for nature.

A Day of Discovery

A visit to the Sigean African Reserve can take a whole day, given the magnitude of the park and the richness of its exhibits. There are specific areas where you can walk and observe the animals up close, as well as picnic areas to rest and enjoy a relaxing moment with family or friends.

For the whole family

The reserve is an ideal destination for all ages. Children in particular will marvel at the proximity to the animals, and the educational activities available will allow them to learn in an interactive and entertaining way.

To visit the Sigean African Reserve is to immerse yourself in a world where nature reigns supreme and wildlife is on full display. It is an opportunity to unwind, to learn, and above all, to gain a greater appreciation for the incredible biodiversity of our planet.

ℹ️ Open every day of the year from 9 am to 5 pm. Tickets can be purchased online on the website. Price per child 24 € and adults 33 €.
👉 You will drive for about an hour and then walk for about 3 hours.
✴️ The Park is provided with clean and modern facilities: Toilets, Restaurants, Picnic areas and electric car chargers.

Private tour of the vineyards with wine tasting

Que hacer en Collioure
Que hacer en Collioure

Live a unique experience in Roussillon with this all-inclusive activity. Explore the wine heritage of the Catalan coast on an unforgettable day trip. With support and transportation in a comfortable 9-seater air-conditioned vehicle, you will be guided by a former cellar master throughout the day. The activity includes the discovery of 2 family wineries, a walk through the vineyards and organic wine tasting in the morning. In addition, you will have a free visit to the city of Collioure at the end of the morning and a private visit to a winery in the city center in the afternoon, with tasting of 5 to 6 wines in each domain. picnic and wine expedition option available!

This experience gives you the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich wine culture of the region, enjoying breathtaking landscapes, learning about organic farming techniques and savoring exquisite wines in exclusive settings. It is a perfect way to combine cultural exploration with gastronomic pleasure, ideal for wine lovers and those looking to discover the best kept secrets of the Catalan coast.

  • Duration 8 / 9 hours.
  • Departure at 8 a.m.
  • Private Groups

ℹ️ Book now and pay later
✴️ Cancel up to 24 hours before the excursion.

ℹ️ From 390 € per group 👉 BOOK IT NOW

Unique Journey in a Legendary Citroën 2 CV

The private guided tour in Argelès-sur-Mer aboard a Citroën 2 CV is an unforgettable experience that combines culture, history and the pleasure of traveling in a unique and endearing way. The Citroën 2 CV, a legendary vehicle that in itself is an essential part of the adventure, becomes your travel companion through the most picturesque landscapes of the region.

This activity takes you on exceptional routes, preferably on small roads and trails through vineyards, moving away from conventional routes to offer a more authentic and closer to nature experience. The commentaries during the excursion are original and complete, adapted to the interests of the public, guaranteeing a trip that is both informative and entertaining. In addition, interaction is encouraged, inviting participants to ask questions and fully immerse themselves in the experience.

Que faire  Collioure
Que faire  Collioure

From the start in Argelès-sur-Mer, this tour highlights the best of the region: the charm of the village, the port, the Valmy domain with its vineyards and the route towards the corniche. Without entering Collioure, a detailed description of this iconic town is offered from a privileged viewpoint next to Fort St Elme, followed by a tour of Port-Vendres and, depending on the chosen circuit, a visit to Cap Béar.

The highest point of the excursion is the Madeloc Tour, where you can enjoy an unforgettable panorama. From this viewpoint, a complete reading of the landscape is offered, covering the history, fauna and flora of the region. Along the way, you pass through the charming village of Cosprons, overlooking its wine-growing domains, and conclude with a view from the heights of the Plage de Paulilles, accompanied by a full historical explanation.

Photographic stops are allowed upon request, always respecting safety regulations, allowing participants to take home a visual souvenir of this special experience.

In short, the Citroën 2 CV tour in and around Argelès-sur-Mer is a perfect way to explore the beauty and cultural richness of this part of France, all from the comfort of a classic car that adds a nostalgic and authentic touch to the adventure.

  • Private group tour
  • Duration of 2 to 3 hours approx.

ℹ️ Book now and pay later
✴️ Cancel up to 24 hours before the excursion.

ℹ️ From 70 € 👉 BOOK IT NOW

Adrenaline and Landscapes: Live a Unique Parasailing Experience

Que faire  Collioure
Que faire  Collioure

Parasailing offers you the unique opportunity to soar up to 50 meters high, experiencing a perfect mix of adrenaline and visual pleasure. Before taking off from the back of the boat, specially conditioned for this activity, a monitor will supervise and double check that your equipment meets all the required safety standards. Driving and speed are adapted according to the number of passengers in flight (up to a maximum of 4 people) and weather conditions.

You will find yourself hoisted 50 meters above the beach of Canet, connected by a 200 meters cable, flying over the waves for a moment of relaxation and fun. Crazy laughs guaranteed and an attraction of strong sensations! Come and admire the Pyrénées-Orientales department as you have never seen it before. Unforgettable moments and an incomparable gliding sensation await you in this activity, ideal to enjoy a moment of safety on the water.

True moments of relaxation that will brighten up your vacation in Canet-Plage and contribute to the collective good cheer. Parasailing is not only an exciting activity, but also a spectacular way to appreciate the beauty of the landscape from a different perspective, making it an indispensable experience for those seeking adventure and beauty on vacation.

  • To enjoy in Perpignan
  • Maximum 4 persons
  • Flight duration: 10 min. approx.

ℹ️ Book now and pay later
✴️ Cancel up to 24 hours before the excursion.

ℹ️ From 82 € 👉 BOOK IT NOW

Discover Collioure on Foot: Mediterranean Walking Routes

Que hacer en Collioure

Walks around Collioure offer an exceptional way to explore the natural beauty and picturesque landscapes that surround this charming seaside town. With routes winding through vineyards, hills and along the Mediterranean coast, the trails are designed for both novice and more experienced walkers, providing an unforgettable experience at every turn.

In addition to enjoying nature, these hikes are an opportunity to learn about the rich history and culture of the region. Some routes pass by ancient fortifications, windmills and historic chapels, offering a glimpse into the past of this fascinating area.

We took the walk along the Corniche de Collioure, starting at the parking lot of the stadium. This route takes you through impressive cliffs, allowing you to discover ancient fortifications and bunkers along the way.

In addition, we made another adventure to the Notre-Dame de Consolation Hermitage, a serene place perfect for a total reconnection with nature. The hike there is especially pleasant, a mere 3 km that offers breathtaking views over the vineyards and surrounding mountains. It is an experience that invites calm and awe at the beauty of the landscape.

Upon arrival, you will find a picnic area, ideal for enjoying a moment of rest and food outdoors. For those looking for an even more pleasant and comforting experience, there is also a restaurant and cafeteria. This adds a touch of comfort to the adventure, allowing you to fully relax after your hike.

Want to know more about Collioure?

Visitar Collioure

Collioure is worth a visit: Explore its hidden gems with my comprehensive guide

DiegoFeb 19, 202412 min read

Discovering the unique charm of Collioure is an experience not to be missed. This picturesque seaside town, nestled in the heart of the French Mediterranean, offers a mosaic of colors, flavors and histories that make it a fascinating destination. If you’re planning a visit to Collioure, you’re on the verge of an unforgettable adventure. With my comprehensive guide, I invite you to discover Collioure’s hidden gems, from its cobbled streets and buildings…

The Weather in Collioure

Que hacer en Collioure

The weather in Collioure provides you with the ideal setting to explore a wide range of activities, raising the eternal question of what to do in Collioure throughout the year.
With its Mediterranean climate, warm, dry summers and mild, somewhat humid winters, each season offers a unique opportunity to enjoy this enchanting destination. Summer temperatures, which range between 20°C and 30°C, are perfect for enjoying outdoor activities, diving into the crystal-clear waters of its beaches or exploring the colorful corners that adorn its streets.

Autumn, with its pleasant weather and fewer tourists, is the ideal time to stroll through its vineyards and narrow streets in peace and quiet.

During the winter, temperatures rarely drop below 10°C, creating optimal conditions for immersing yourself in Collioure’s rich culture and history.

Spring invites you to witness the rebirth of nature, with landscapes that are tinged with vibrant colors. Regardless of the season, the weather in Collioure becomes your perfect ally to discover and enjoy the many activities that this destination has to offer, guaranteeing a memorable experience in the beauty and tranquility of this French corner.


Things to do in Collioure. My Conclusion

Collioure offers a myriad of unforgettable experiences for a memorable getaway, opening up a range of possibilities for what to do in Collioure to satisfy any preference. From wandering its charming streets full of history and art to enjoying the tranquility of its picturesque beaches bathed by the Mediterranean sun, this destination has something special for you.

When considering things to do in Collioure, be sure to immerse yourself in the rich local gastronomy, participate in wine tastings in the nearby vineyards or venture out on hikes through the beautiful natural landscapes that surround the city. By following this essential guide, you will make the most of your stay in Collioure, exploring every unique corner this place has to offer and creating memories that will stay with you forever.

So pack your bags and get ready to discover for yourself why a getaway to this charming coastal city becomes an experience that exceeds all expectations, inviting you to live moments you will treasure forever.

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