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A must-see guide: What to see in Aigues-Mortes for an unforgettable experience.

If you are wondering: what to see in Aigues Mortes, let me tell you that Aigues-Mortes is a picturesque medieval town in the south of France, known for its well-preserved medieval walls and charming canals. In this guide, we’ll explore the top attractions and things to see in Aigues-Mortes, giving you a comprehensive overview of what this beautiful destination has to offer. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover or simply looking for a relaxing getaway, Aigues-Mortes has something for everyone. Immerse yourself in the must-see sites and experiences that await you in this charming town.

ℹ Population in 2019: 8640 Inhabitants. Source INSEE

In this post, I’ll tell you about several fascinating experiences, including the five-star hotels where you can stay, the delicious speciality of Aigues-Mortes, the Fougasse d’Aigues-Mortes, the charming French aperitif, and the unique wines grown in the sands, plus you’ll find out where to enjoy a meal while catamaran sailing or relaxing by the river. You’ll also discover where to enjoy a meal while sailing a catamaran or relaxing by the river. And that’s not all! A host of unforgettable experiences await you for the whole family to enjoy.
Keep reading to find out all about it!

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Aigues-Mortes Climate: Sun and Mediterranean Breeze

Aerial view of Aigues-Mortes, South of France

Aigues-Mortes benefits from a Mediterranean climate, which means visitors can expect hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. It is the type of climate that invites you to stroll along its walls and cobbled streets practically all year round.

In Summer

During the summer months, from June to September, temperatures can reach and sometimes exceed 30°C, but the breeze coming from the Mediterranean Sea and the nearby Camargue marshes often offer refreshing relief from the midday heat. These months are ideal to enjoy the outdoor terraces, taste the local gastronomy and immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural life of the city.

In Winter

Winters, although cooler and with temperatures that rarely fall below freezing, are wet. However, this cooler climate and occasional rain give Aigues-Mortes a mystical atmosphere, with the fog sometimes settling over the ramparts, transporting visitors back to a bygone era.

No matter what time of year you decide to visit Aigues-Mortes, its Mediterranean climate guarantees you a pleasant experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in all that this medieval gem has to offer.

AIGUES-MORTES The Weather  style=

How to get to Aigues-Mortes

One of the entrances to Aigues-Mortes, South of France

Your Gateway to France

Starting your holidays in France is a hassle-free process. Most travelers choose to fly, thanks to the many air connections available. France boasts numerous international airports that facilitate arrival from anywhere in the world. Notably, the cities of Nîmes and Montpellier have their own airports, allowing direct access to this region.

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Travelling to France by Train: Comfort, Speed and Sustainability

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Opting for the train as a means of transport is not only an environmentally responsible choice, but also an unrivalled opportunity to immerse yourself in the European landscapes while travelling quickly and comfortably. Thanks to SNCF’s extensive rail network, you can connect directly to iconic destinations such as Montpellier or Nîmes, directly from Spain, ensuring a hassle-free arrival to the region’s gems.

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The Magic of Driving in France

Once in France, traveling by car has become the preferred option for many. Not only for the convenience it provides, but also for the freedom it gives to marvel at picturesque landscapes and make impromptu stops.

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Tips for driving in France?

From Montpellier

The drive from Montpellier to Aigues-Mortes is not only a practical choice, but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Camargue region. Along the D62, the landscape changes and becomes a spectacle of nature that you won’t want to miss.

As you approach Aigues-Mortes, Montpellier’s cityscapes give way to sprawling marshes, known locally as “étangs”. These saline lagoons, sparkling under the Mediterranean sun, become the scene of a natural dance: graceful swans gliding through the waters, sturdy Camargue bulls grazing peacefully and, one of the region’s most iconic symbols, the majestic white horses, often seen galloping or grazing near the roads.

In addition, the road is flanked by salt mounds and rice fields, adding to the color palette and textures of the landscape. During the trip, I would recommend making a stop or two to capture the beauty with your camera or just to breathe in the fresh, salty air, and feel the connection to this unique land.

From Nîmes

On the other hand, if Nîmes is your starting point, a lovely day of about an hour awaits you. The picturesque fields and vineyards will be your constant company. It is often mentioned by travelers that these roads are like a warm embrace, offering you a preview of what Aigues-Mortes has in store.

This drive not only takes you to a historical and cultural destination, but also gives you a visual and emotional introduction to the essence of the Camargue, a reminder of the natural beauty France has to offer beyond its famous cities and monuments.

The traffic circle on one of the accesses to Aigues-Mortes, South of France

Achieve maximum immersion

in French culture

What to see in Aigues Mortes. My selection

15 Things to do in Aigues Mortes as a family

To travel to France is to discover a wealth of activities and surprises hidden in every village, especially when you wonder what to see in Aigues Mortes. This place is ideal for a family vacation, where you will find a variety of fascinating activities, intriguing curiosities and cozy places to relax. Every street and every corner in Aigues Mortes tells a story, showing you the spirit and essence of the region. In the south of France, charm and authenticity are palpable, and Aigues Mortes, with its array of attractions and historic corners, is a clear example of this. Whether you are looking for adventure or a quiet place to relax, Aigues Mortes offers exactly what you need.

Time Travel: The City Walls

The main entrance of Aigues-Mortes, South of France, and its imposing ramparts.

A visit to the ramparts of Aigues-Mortes is an essential immersion in history and one of the main points of interest when you wonder what to see in Aigues-Mortes. These 13th century fortifications, erected during the reign of Louis IX, stand out for their excellent preservation. As you walk along the 1.65 km of ramparts, you will encounter panoramic views that will connect you with the city’s past and allow you to appreciate a structure that has defied the passage of time.

This journey through the ramparts is also a journey through time. It immerses you in the tumultuous history of France, from the imposing stone towers to the vestiges of ancient projectiles. Each stone and tower has a story to tell, offering you a window into the military strategies of the 13th century and the historical conflicts between Catholics and Protestants that marked the region. A visit to the ramparts of Aigues-Mortes is not only a visually stunning experience, but also an exciting and educational opportunity to better understand the rich past of this fascinating city.

✴️ Free admission for children under 18 and visitors under 26 with an EU ID.

Optimize your getaway: Skip the long lines, secure your spot and buy your tickets now!

4×4 Safari Adventure: The Camargue in all its splendor


Immerse yourself in the natural and cultural beauty of the Camargue with this half-day guided 4×4 safari. This tour not only allows you to explore unique landscapes, but also gives you the opportunity to get an up-close look at the region’s wildlife, including the iconic horses, bulls, and pink flamingos. But that’s not all: you will also immerse yourself in the traditions and local gastronomy.

What To Expect:

  • 4×4 Adventure: You’ll be driven through stunning natural landscapes, from rice paddies to swampy ponds and canals.
  • Contact with Wildlife: Marvel at the flight of flamingos and observe the famous Camargue horses and bulls in their natural habitat.
  • Cultural Immersion: Stop in the heart of the medieval town of Aigues-Mortes and learn about the rich traditions of the Camargue.
  • Gastronomic Experience: During your trip, you will have the opportunity to taste local wines and delicacies at the Mas du Notaire, from DOP bull sausage to delicious fougasses.

✴️ With the option to cancel free of charge up to 24 hours in advance, and the flexibility to book now and pay later, this adventure is perfect for those looking for a unique experience in the South of France. 👉 BOOK NOW HERE

Dive in Seaquarium: Discover the Underwater World

Venture out to explore the magical marine world of the Seaquarium at Le Grau-du-Roi. Dive into the depths of the Mediterranean and meet over 30 species of sharks, watch playful seals and sea lions, and marvel at the diversity of colorful fish. This is an educational and fun experience perfect for the whole family. Also, don’t miss the exhibition “The Invasion of Plastic”, which will raise awareness about the impact of plastic on our oceans and how we can act to protect them.

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The Camargue from the Sea: Experience an Unforgettable Catamaran Tour

Camargue By Sail

Embark on an unforgettable sailing adventure through the Gulf of Aigues-Mortes. This private cruise immerses you in the majesty of the little Camargue, with its pristine beaches and breathtaking panoramas including the Cévennes mountain range and the iconic Pic Saint Loup. As you sail, the distinctive architecture of La Grande Motte and the charm of Sète unfold before you.

This is not just a trip to admire landscapes; It is an opportunity to connect with nature. Capture with your camera seabirds, the vast horizon of the bay, and if fortune smiles on you, the playful dolphins that frequent these waters. In the warm months, dive into the sea for a refreshing swim and at lunch, find your sanctuary on a sandbar, where seagulls offer a natural spectacle as they fly around the trawlers.

This trip is perfect for those looking for unique moments and unforgettable landscapes. All you need is to bring your lunch and let the Mediterranean tell you its stories.

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Catamaran Cruise: Experience a Magical Sunset in Camargue

Sunset in the Camargue

Say goodbye to the day and greet the night on a majestic catamaran trip to the heart of the Camargue. Starting from La Grande Motte, this two-hour tour will give you panoramic sunset views, tinting the unique natural landscapes of southern France with warm colors. While the sea breeze caresses your skin, enjoy a cocktail or soft drink included, adding the perfect touch to an unforgettable moment.

You will travel on an eco-friendly catamaran, ensuring that your experience is not only pleasant but also environmentally friendly. At the end of the cruise, you will take with you not only the memory of a spectacular sunset, but also the charm of La Grande Motte illuminated under the starry mantle of the night.

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The Camargue on Two Wheels: Surprise yourself on this Gastronomic ride on e-Bike

Camargue eBike

Embark on an enriching journey through the enchanting landscapes of the Camargue. Accompanied by an experienced guide and aboard a state-of-the-art electric bike, this tour takes you through marshes, rice fields and reedbeds, showing you the best of this French corner. As you pedal effortlessly thanks to electric assistance, keep your eyes peeled for Camargue bulls, graceful white horses and the vibrant color of flamingos.

Plus, it’s not just a bike ride; It is a cultural immersion. A local breeder will open the doors of his world to you, revealing the secrets of the herds and traditions of the region. And to complete this experience, you will enjoy a gourmet break to delight your palate with select snacks from the area.

With options for morning or evening tours, and a small group of up to eight people, you ensure an intimate and personalized experience.

✴️ With a duration of 3 hours and the possibility of free cancellation up to 24 hours before, this is a perfect plan for those looking for adventure and flavor. Ready to pedal and taste Camargue in a unique way?
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The Spiritual Soul: The Church of Notre-Dame des Sablons

When wondering what to see in Aigues-Mortes, you can’t help but marvel at the Church of Notre-Dame des Sablons. This sacred structure, highlighted by its Gothic arches and luminous stained glass windows, has been a pillar of faith for the community for centuries. Inside, you can admire religious artifacts, frescoes and an atmosphere that invites reflection and appreciation of sacred art, making it a must-see for any visitor interested in the cultural and spiritual heritage of Aigues-Mortes.

Nature in Action: Discover the Camargue

The Aigues-Mortes marshes, an essential part of what to see in Aigues-Mortes, are part of the stunning Camargue Regional Park in the South of France and offer an unparalleled natural experience. Here, entire families can enjoy horseback riding, bird watching or even boat tours on the canals. During these trips, you can spot swans, bulls and, of course, the region’s iconic white horses, creating unforgettable moments. This natural area is a highlight among the attractions of Aigues-Mortes, offering a unique opportunity to connect with nature and local wildlife.

Art and Culture: The street as a gallery

Aigues-Mortes, South of France

Inspiration in Every Corner: The cobbled streets of Aigues-Mortes hide one artistic surprise after another. Often, festivals and craft markets are held, where works by local artists are exhibited. Both children and adults can participate in painting and ceramics workshops, taking home not only a tangible souvenir but also the skills acquired.

Take a ride on the Petit Train of Aigues-Mortes and Discover its Historical Secrets!

Le Petit Train de Aigues-Mortes, South of France

Explore the heart of the ancient city with the “Petit Train d’Aigues-Mortes”. Let yourself be taken on a historical journey that evokes Saint-Louis and the crusades, the construction of the ramparts and the religious wars. Start and end your tour at the “Porte de la Gardette”, the main entrance to the city. Enjoy this activity every day from April 1 to September 30, and also during the Toussaint vacations. Take advantage of the written commentary available in English, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the history and charm of this magnificent city!

ℹ️ Prices adult 5€ and children from 5 to 13 years old 3€.

Discover the Magic of the Chapelle des Capucins


In the heart of Aigues-Mortes, hidden among its historic corners, is the Chapelle des Capucins, a treasure waiting to be discovered by those with a taste for the authentic and the spiritual. This gem, with its serene architecture and peaceful atmosphere, invites all visitors to pause and immerse themselves in its rich history.

Each stone and stained glass window tells a story of faith, devotion and art that is intertwined with Aigues-Mortes’ journey through the centuries. It is a perfect corner to reflect, admire art and connect with the very essence of the city.

If you are looking for moments of tranquility and beauty in the midst of the hustle and bustle of your tour, the Chapelle des Capucins is a must.

More things to do in Aigues-Mortes as a family

Les Salins de Aigues Mortes

Located a stone’s throw from Aigues-Mortes, “Les Salins de Aigues-Mortes” are a jewel of the Camargue region. This vast expanse of salt flats stretches across the landscape, painting a mosaic of hues ranging from blue to pink, depending on the time of year. Not only do they represent a centuries-old tradition of sea salt production, but they are also a popular tourist destination offering a variety of experiences.

Visitors can opt for guided tours that delve into the history and technique of salt production, train rides for those who want to simply relax and enjoy the scenery, and even specific routes to observe the rich fauna, such as the pink flamingos that frequent the area.

A visit to Les Salins is not only educational, but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural majesty surrounding Aigues-Mortes. An experience not to be missed on your trip to the South of France!

✴️ Free parking

ℹ️ Walking tour: Admission is 9 € for adults and 6,80 € for children from 7 to 13 years old. There are different types of visits. Find out more on their website.

Parc Les P’tits Bouts

Super fun outdoor playground for children from 1 to 12 years old, with all kinds of water games, inflatables, archery and many more. It has a restaurant and access to the games is unlimited.
More information on the website

Safari in Camargue aboard a convertible Citroën 2cv

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience in Aigues-Mortes, I have the perfect option for you. Imagine touring the majestic landscapes of the Camargue at the wheel of an automotive icon: the Citroën 2cv.

It is not only an opportunity to discover breathtaking natural panoramas, but also to immerse yourself in the rich fauna and flora of the region. From majestic birds to the iconic Camargue bulls and horses, this adventure promises total immersion in the beauty and traditions of one of the most special corners of France.

Citroen 2cv dcapotable - Aigues-Mortes

And if you think driving might be a challenge, don’t worry! Florine, the expert guide of Deudeuches Camarguaises, will introduce you to the secrets of the 2cv and guide you all the way. So, get your camera and your adventurous spirit ready, and join us for this unique safari in the Camargue – Saintes Maries de la Mer is just the beginning of the journey!
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Shopping in the Maison Méditerranéenne Regional Products shop

An unforgettable culinary and cultural experience. With more than 30 years of history, this vast space of 2100 m2 is a true paradise for food and wine lovers. Located in a protected area near the Espiguette point, Maison Méditerranéenne is strongly committed to ecological and sustainable practices, which adds extra value to its already exceptional offer.

Here, you can expect to find a carefully curated selection of wines, gourmet food products, books, poteries, wellness products and much more. With a selection based on quality, tradition and innovation, it is impossible to leave here without a bag full of delicious “pépites” from the local terroir.

The charm of Aigues-Mortes, located in the heart of the South of France, lies in its ability to offer diversified experiences that satisfy visitors of all ages. From its historic walls to its marshes full of life, from its unique gastronomy to its rich artistic life, this city promises to make every visit a treasured memory for the whole family.

What to do in Aigues-Mortes: The map

In France, family holidays are synonymous with fun and adventure.

Around all the villages you will always find a huge amount of places to enjoy with the little ones and everything is really prepared for a great time.
Near this charming village, you’ll discover a plethora of exciting activities to enjoy with them. From exploring fascinating castles and quaint villages to immersing yourself in fun-filled theme and water parks, there are endless options to entertain the whole family.
Here is a list of activities to enjoy with the family and places nearby, which I selected for you.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

The 3 best places to stay in Aigues-Mortes :

If Aigues-Mortes enchants you with its history and medieval charm during the day, wait until you discover the magic that unfolds at nightfall. Choosing the right place to stay is essential to complete your experience in this Languedoc gem.

Whether you are looking for a romantic corner, a historic inn or modern accommodation, this city offers options for every traveler.
Join me as I guide you through my favorite accommodations, guaranteeing nights as memorable as your days in Aigues-Mortes.

The Comparator of the best accommodations in Aigues-Mortes for the family

La Villa Mazarin
Desde 153 €
Boutique Hôtel des Remparts & Spa
Desde 301 €
Maison de Gardian
Desde 193 €
Maison Intramuros
5 / 5
Desde 260 €

La Villa Mazarin⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

La Villa Mazarin - Aigues Mortes
Image by La Villa Mazarin – Aigues Mortes

Nestled in the heart of Aigues-Mortes, the 5- ⭐ Hotel La Villa Mazarin is not just a place to rest, it is an experience in itself. With a history dating back centuries, this iconic hotel combines the grandeur of the past with contemporary amenities. Every corner of La Villa Mazarin whispers stories of times past, while its modern design and services guarantee an unforgettable stay. It is the perfect place for those looking to immerse themselves in the magic and mysticism of Aigues-Mortes, all in an atmosphere of luxury and comfort.

  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Spa
  • Fitness room
  • Optional parking

Rates per room from 153 € 👉 CHECK RATES AND AVAILABILITY HERE

Boutique Hôtel des Remparts & Spa ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Boutique Htel des Remparts  Spa - Aigues-Mortes
Photo by Boutique Hôtel des Remparts & Spa – Aigues-Mortes

In front of the historic defensive walls of Aigues-Mortes, the Boutique Hôtel des Remparts & Spa de 5- ⭐ represents the elegance and charm of the south of France.

With a façade that evokes times gone by and views of the imposing city walls, this hotel is a haven of tranquility and luxury. The rooms, designed with a balance between tradition and modernity, promise comfort and style.

But perhaps the jewel of the hotel is its spa, a space dedicated to well-being and relaxation. Here, travelers can immerse themselves in a world of indulgence after a day exploring the rich history and culture of Aigues-Mortes. Without a doubt, the Boutique Hôtel des Remparts & Spa is a sublime choice for those looking for an unforgettable stay.

  • 14 Rooms
  • Spa ECLAE
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Optional parking

Rates per room from 301 € 👉 CHECK RATES AND AVAILABILITY HERE

Maison de Gardian: Unusual Accommodation in Aigues-Mortes

Hebergement Aigues Mortes

Located just 2 minutes from the beach, this typical Maison is a unique and charming accommodation option, ideal for families looking to immerse themselves in the local culture. This “Gardian” house offers an experience of authenticity and tradition of the Camargue. Upon arrival, guests are greeted with a welcome gift composed of local products, immersing them directly in the flavor of the region.

The interior of the house features a spacious living room that includes a fully equipped kitchen, a large wooden table and a cozy living room with two sofas, a large TV and a fireplace, perfect for family evenings. The decor includes antique and typical objects of the region, which arouse curiosity and enrich the cultural experience.

Outside, guests will enjoy a large wooded grounds, ideal for relaxing. Located next to an equestrian trail, the outdoor space includes tables, chairs and loungers for enjoying meals and snacks outdoors, as well as a barbecue available for guests.

The location is ideal, just 800 meters from the beach of l’Espiguette and close to stores and amenities, making the “Maison de gardian à l’espiguette” a perfect place for families wishing to explore the region and enjoy a comfortable and culturally rich stay.

  • Capacity 5 People
  • 800m from the beach
  • Wi Fi connection
  • Air conditioning

Prices from 193 € 👉 CHECK PRICES AND BOOK HERE

Who are “Les Gardiens”?
Gardienne de Camargue
Gardienne de Camargue

“Les Gardiens” are the cowboys of the Camargue region in the south of France. Traditionally, they are responsible for the care and management of the bulls and horses that live in the extensive marshlands and pastures of the Camargue. This area is known for its unique natural environment and for being home to a distinctive breed of white horses, the Camargue Horses, and black bulls used in traditional local bullfights.

Gardiens are emblematic figures of Camargue culture, often seen dressed in specific costumes including wide-brimmed hats, tight-fitting shirts and pants, and leather boots. They are expert horsemen and play a crucial role in preserving the traditions and lifestyle of the Camargue. In addition to their role in livestock farming, they participate in local events and festivals, where they perform equestrian shows that demonstrate their skills and the tradition of the region.

Rent a house nearby: The Perfect Option for Families

If you are looking for an intimate and personalised experience, especially if you are travelling with family or a large group, renting a whole house can be the perfect solution. Not only does it give you the comfort of feeling at home, but it also offers you the opportunity to live like a local, cook your own meals and have communal spaces to share unforgettable moments.

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Whether I am looking for a rustic villa with a pool, a modern house in the city center or a traditional country house, I always find in Abritel an option that perfectly fits what I need. I invite you to discover it for yourself and experience something unique from the comfort of a home chosen especially for you.


Alojamiento Intramuros en Aigues-Mortes
Hebergement Aigues-Mortes

Aigues-Mortes: A Culinary Journey through the South of France.

Intramuros in Aigues-Mortes, South of France

An Adventure of Flavors

When you think of the South of France, you immediately conjure up images of picturesque landscapes and exquisite wines. However, an often underestimated, but equally captivating, aspect is its rich gastronomy. At Aigues-Mortes, the cuisine has been perfected over the centuries, resulting in dishes that delight both the palate and the soul.

From the Sea to the Table: The Richness of Seafood

Located near the Mediterranean: Aigues-Mortes benefits from a privileged location near the sea. As a result, fresh seafood, such as oysters, mussels and prawns, are regularly incorporated into their dishes. These delicacies, prepared with a mastery only found in the South of France, have been the delight of many over the years.

Traditional Sweets: A Legacy of Generations

Sugared Treasures: In Aigues-Mortes, the famous “fougasse d’Aigues-Mortes”, a sweet finely dipped in sugar and flavoured with orange essence, is produced. This delicacy, whose recipe has been passed down from generation to generation, is a testament to the love and dedication that locals put into their cuisine.

La Fougasse de Aigues-Mortes: The Sweet Emblem of Aigues-Mortes

The fougasse of Aigues-Mortes is an emblem of the rich gastronomic culture of the south of France. Emerged as a flatbread, this delicacy evolved with the addition of sugar, oil and orange essence. It is a brioche dough that is distinguished by the soft perfume of the orange blossom. It is very light and delicately sugary, offering a perfect balance in every bite.

Its meticulous preparation results in a crispy exterior and a soft interior, flavored with orange. In the region, it goes beyond being a mere dessert, symbolizing hospitality, community and tradition. By tasting it, one not only enjoys its taste, but also immerses oneself in a deep cultural history. The fougasse is undoubtedly a culinary jewel that reflects the passion and heritage of Aigues-Mortes.

A sweet Visit to the Pâtisserie Poitavin

In the heart of Aigues-Mortes, the Pâtisserie Poitavin, a jewel that has made fougasse since 1932, welcomes us with a warm and tempting air. The aroma of sugar and butter envelops us as soon as we walk through the door. There, we had the privilege of meeting Laurent, the owner, who with a smile introduced us to the star of his pâtisserie: the fougasse of Aigues Mortes.

This traditional sweet, with its smooth texture and unmistakable flavor, has conquered locals and tourists alike. With enthusiasm, the skipper told us how visitors, day after day, fall in love with this delicacy. And no wonder, because this fougasse is not just a dessert, but a piece of the culture of Aigues-Mortes.

La Pasteleria Poitavin, en Aigues-Mortes, Sur de Francia

But what really brings this experience to life is the way you enjoy the fougasse. Imagine sharing a sunny afternoon in the company of friends or family, with a freshly baked fougasse in the center of the table, accompanied by a hot coffee or even a glass of Champagne. Whether in a casual snack or in the most special festivities, this sweet has the power to unite us and create unforgettable memories.

As we say goodbye to the Pâtisserie Poitavin, we take away not only the sweet taste of fougasse, but also the promise of returning and reliving those special moments that only such a place can offer.

Wines and Spirits: The Essence of the South

Local wines in Aigues-Mortes, South of France

Viticulture with History: In the South of France, high quality wines have been produced since time immemorial. The wineries of the Aigues-Mortes region, using traditional methods, offer wines that capture the essence of the terrain and climate. Each glass served is a celebration of the region’s rich wine heritage.

Aigues-Mortes, South of France

I recommend you for an aperitif in Aigues Mortes

Le Vin du Sable: The Unique Wine from the Sands of Southern France

To visit the South of France and not taste le vin du sable would be to leave a page unread in the book of oenology of the region. It is a wine that not only satisfies the palate, but also tells a story, that of a unique terroir, a dedicated community and a tradition that has been kept alive through the years. Raising a glass of le vin du sable, you toast the passion, history and unparalleled beauty of the South of France.

In the heart of the South of France, in the midst of its dreamy landscapes and rich history, a wine jewel emerges that distills the very essence of the region: le vin du sable. This wine, born in the sandy soils of Aigues-Mortes, is a testament to how terrain and tradition can converge to create magic in a glass.

The Wine of the Sand: A Wine Surprise

The Unique Soil of Aigues-Mortes: Le vin du sable, or “sand wine”, has its origin in the vineyards planted directly on the sandy dunes near the Mediterranean Sea. These sands, not retaining water, force the vines to go deep in search of moisture, which gives the grapes unique and concentrated characteristics.

Respect for Tradition: The production of le vin du sable is the result of a combination of traditional and modern techniques. Although the roots of their winemaking go back generations, winemakers in the South of France have incorporated current technologies to refine the process, ensuring the quality and distinctive taste of the wine.

A Versatile Wine: Le vin du sable stands out for its freshness and mineral notes. Depending on the variety, nuances of fruits, flowers and spices can be perceived. Its light structure and elegant finish make it perfect to pair with fish, seafood and traditional Mediterranean dishes.

What to see in Aigues Mortes

Where to eat in Aigues-Mortes

Aigues-Mortes, with its medieval charm and impressive walls, will not only seduce you with its history, but also with its gastronomy.
If you are looking for a place to enjoy a good meal in Aigues-Mortes, here are some suggestions according to the top-rated restaurants in Tripadvisor:

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Top Tips for families in a restaurant in France

Follow a local’s tips for maximum enjoyment in a restaurant in France Exploring the charming villages of France with your family becomes a journey that goes beyond the simple sight of beautiful landscapes and historical monuments; it is also immersing yourself in a world where…

Unique and Memorable Culinary Experiences

During my walks around Aigues-Mortes, I was captivated not only by its history and architecture but also by its culinary experiences. And although I tried several places, there are two proposals that I especially want to share with you, as they elevate the gastronomic experience to another level.

The first is Ni vu Ni Connu It is not a conventional restaurant, but a charming boat, or “péniche”, anchored in the port d’Aigues-Mortes. Here, between the canal bridge and the iconic entrance of Aigues-Mortes, you will see, I enjoyed exquisite dishes based on seafood, all to the gentle swaying of the waters. The combination of the food, the tranquility of the place and the very nice panoramic views of the river create a truly unique atmosphere.

Canals and catamarans in Aigues-Mortes, South of France

My second recommendation is a little more adventurous: a culinary cruise. While tasting the typical dishes of the region, you sail through the canals of Aigues-Mortes. And as if that wasn’t enough, this tour offers you the chance to visit local bull herds and witness exciting demonstrations that immerse you in the culture of the place.
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Both places are not just places to eat, but complete experiences that, I’m sure, will make you fall in love as much as I do.

The gastronomy of Aigues-Mortes, a reflection of the South of France at its best, promises to be a culinary journey that will remain engraved in the memory of every visitor. From the salty flavors of the sea to the sweet traditional desserts, every bite is an invitation to discover more of this enchanting region.

I hope you enjoy Aigues-Mortes as much as I did! ¡Bon apetit!

Visit other charming villages near Aigues-Mortes


Montpellier, a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, perfectly combines its rich history with a contemporary spirit. Known for its medieval university and its mix of Gothic and modern architecture, Montpellier attracts visitors from all over the world.

The heart of the city is Place de la Comédie, a bustling pedestrian square surrounded by cafes, shops and historic buildings. From here, you can explore the maze of narrow streets and picturesque squares that are home to charming boutiques, restaurants and bars.

Montpellier is also famous for its culture and lively nightlife. With a large student population, the city offers a wide variety of options for entertainment, from theaters and cinemas to bars and nightclubs.

Art and history lovers will find a wealth of museums and monuments to explore, including St. Peter’s Cathedral, Place Royale du Peyrou, and the Fabre Museum, which houses an impressive art collection.

In addition, Montpellier is within walking distance of the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean and the Languedoc wine region, making it an ideal starting point for exploring the coast and surrounding countryside.

With its lively atmosphere, eclectic mix of cultures and diverse cultural offerings, Montpellier is a city that captivates its visitors and invites them to immerse themselves in the authentic experience of the South of France.

Le Grau du Roi: Fishing Charm and Golden Beaches

Located in the Occitanie region, Le Grau du Roi is a picturesque fishing port that has been transformed into a sought-after tourist destination. With meandering canals, extensive beaches and a vibrant atmosphere, this coastal enclave captivates visitors with its blend of tradition and natural beauty.

La Grande Motte: Modernity and Beach in the Mediterranean

La Grande Motte stands out for its modern architecture and golden sandy beaches. With its distinctive pyramid-shaped building design, it offers a unique combination of sun, sea and style, making it a popular destination for those seeking relaxation and a contemporary twist on the Mediterranean coast.

Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer: The Jewel of the Camargue.

Located in the heart of the Camargue, Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer is an iconic village that captivates both for its valuable historical heritage and its stunning natural landscapes.

This place is particularly well known for its annual pilgrimage in honour of Saint Sara, where gypsies and visitors alike congregate in a vibrant celebration of faith and tradition. Wild, fine sandy beaches, ideal for relaxing or horseback riding, surround the village, offering unparalleled views of the Mediterranean. Quaint little streets, white houses with red-tiled roofs and the imposing fortified church add to the unique atmosphere of Saintes-Maries.

For nature lovers, the local fauna and flora, such as pink flamingos, horses and Camargue bulls, are a spectacle not to be missed. This small village is a real treasure for those seeking to experience the essence of the Camargue in all its authenticity.


A city with a fascinating history and a rich Roman heritage, it is a destination that captivates visitors with its charm and authenticity. Known for its impressive Roman amphitheatre, the famous Arenas de Nîmes, the city is a living testimony to the glorious past that has endured over the centuries.

Roman vestiges in Nîmes, such as the Maison Carrée and the Roman temple of La Fontaine, evoke the grandeur of the Roman Empire and offer visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the ancient history of the region. In addition to its Roman heritage, Nîmes also boasts magnificent buildings from medieval times, such as the Gothic cathedral of Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Castor.

In addition to its rich history, Nîmes is a vibrant city with a lively cultural life and a wealth of events and festivals throughout the year. Its streets are full of charm, and its squares and cafes offer a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Nîmes is also famous for its tradition of bullfighting, which is held in the Arenas during the Nîmes Fair. This charming and history-filled city offers visitors an authentic experience of the South of France, where history and modernity come together in a unique and captivating place.

Villages near Aigues-Mortes : the Map

One of the great attractions of travelling to France is the proximity of its many charms.

In each region, there is not only one treasure to discover, but a multitude of them. And all in close proximity to each other.
So, once you’ve explored the particular charm of a village, there is always more waiting for you nearby.

When traveling to France, it’s always good to remember that part of the adventure is veering a little off the main route and discovering those small villages and communities that give the country its very special character.

So, don’t hesitate to add a few extra destinations to your itinerary.

Aigues-Mortes: Where the Stones Whisper Centuries-Old Stories

Humble origins: a port between marshes

Born between marshes and salt pans, Aigues-Mortes was initially conceived as a humble fishing port. Before its grandiose walls were erected, small boats glided through its waters, and the first inhabitants were called to the whisper of the wind and the singing of sea birds. However, in these lands, where water and land play an eternal tango, a grander destiny was being mapped out.

From Fishermen to Kings: The Look of Louis IX

In the thirteenth century, a radical change was introduced by King Louis IX. Attracted by the strategic position of Aigues-Mortes, an ambitious plan was formulated: to turn this port into a point of embarkation for the Crusades to the Holy Land. With this purpose in mind, the first fortifications were built and, little by little, the modest fishing village began to transform into a strategic citadel. As the decades passed, not only soldiers, but also merchants and artisans were drawn to its walls, adding layers of complexity to its social fabric.

Building an Icon: The Walls That Speak

In the late thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries, a monumental project was undertaken: the erection of the walls that today define the identity of Aigues-Mortes. Under the supervision of the French monarchs, miles of stone walls were erected. Each stone laid not only strengthened the city’s defenses, but also sealed its place in history. Through the centuries, these walls have witnessed battles, intrigues and loves, and if one listens carefully, whispers of the past can be heard between their battlements.

From Conflict to Trade: The Changing Role of Aigues-Mortes

Over the years, the military importance of Aigues-Mortes was eclipsed by its commercial role. Thanks to its salt pans, a thriving salt trade was established, and roads once trodden by knights and soldiers now saw the steady passage of trade caravans. However, it was not all peace and commerce; dark episodes, such as the persecution of the Templars and religious revolts, also left their mark on the city.

Today: A Preserved Legacy

Aigues-Mortes, today, is a living testimony of the centuries he has gone through. Although the times of kings and crusades are behind us, the city has not lost its essence. Every corner, every alley and every tower tell stories of a glorious past. And as the modern world moves forward, in Aigues-Mortes, past and present coexist, inviting every visitor to be part of its rich history.

Saint Louis: From Aigues-Mortes to Holiness

Louis IX, later known as Saint Louis, left an indelible mark on the history of Aigues-Mortes. During his reign in the thirteenth century, he saw in this city the ideal starting point for his Crusades to the Holy Land. Under his leadership, Aigues-Mortes was fortified, becoming a strategic port and essential to Christian power and ambitions in the Mediterranean.

From its walls, St. Louis led not one, but two crucial expeditions, evidencing his deep devotion and determination. However, beyond his military exploits and achievements as a monarch, Louis IX is especially remembered for his deep faith and pious character. These virtues, along with his charitable works and commitment to justice, led to his canonization in 1297, going from being a notable king to being venerated as St. Louis.

Today, walking through Aigues-Mortes, it is impossible not to feel the presence of this holy king, whose devotion and legacy still resonate in every stone and corner of the city.

The statue of Saint-Louis in Aigues-Mortes, South of France

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to know French to visit Aigues-Mortes ?

Although speaking French can be helpful, many locals and merchants also speak English and even Spanish and are willing to help you.

What does “Aigues-Mortes” mean?

The name “Aigues-Mortes” translates as “Dead Waters”, referring to the salt marshes and ponds that surround the city.

What is Aigues-Mortes famous for?

Aigues-Mortes is known for its well-preserved medieval walls, rich history and proximity to the salt pans of the Camargue.

When is the best time to visit Aigues-Mortes?

Although the city is charming all year round, spring and autumn are especially pleasant due to milder temperatures and less influx of tourists.

Is Aigues-Mortes suitable for families with children?

Yes, there are plenty of activities suitable for kids, from exploring the ramparts to visiting the salt flats and spotting the local wildlife.

What is the Camargue or Camargue?

The Camargue is a natural region in the south of France, located between the two main arms of the Rhone River delta and the Mediterranean Sea. It is known for being one of the wildest and most picturesque areas in France, encompassing vast marshes, salt ponds, dunes and wetlands. These unique geographical features make the Camargue an ideal habitat for a rich biodiversity, including the famous Camargue white horses, black bulls and an abundance of birds, such as pink flamingos. In addition to its natural wealth, the Camargue has a unique culture and tradition, influenced by Roma life, bullfights and religious pilgrimages. It is a popular destination for both tourists interested in nature and regional culture.

Why do some areas of the Aigues-Mortes salt flats have a pink colour?

The pink color is the result of the presence of certain microorganisms and algae that thrive in high-salinity salt flats.

In conclusion, Aigues-Mortes offers visitors a myriad of unforgettable experiences. From the stunning medieval architecture to the vibrant local culture, there is no shortage of attractions to explore. Whether you’re interested in history, gastronomy or simply relaxing by the sea, this charming town has something for everyone. By following this essential guide, you can make the most of your visit to Aigues-Mortes and create lasting memories of this charming destination.

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